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Welcome to Sell n List Australia,
Our system gathers leads from every state around Australia and they are sent to our closest sales agent.
There are three ways our system gets leads, making it easier for you to get the listings and the contacts.
Whether it is someone requesting a price for their property or someone looking to buy a property, our system puts you in touch with the person.
We have customers earning over 250 thousand dollars per annum using this software method, and customers who have stopped using u because they rank higher on google. Your first page ranking on the internet in your local area is guaranteed, and we have 15 years of proven success.
On your personal website, you have an instant property appraisal request. This request contact info automatically goes into your crm and the property goes into your potential properties so you can easily make it active. You and the customer receive a history guide for the area, giving you a talking point to see what the intentions of the enquirer are.

Thank you for listening, please call for details 0410 497 638
Welcome to SellnList